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30 January 2024

The guide I wish I had for my unexpected journey

My journey into parenthood took a sharp turn I never saw coming. The vision I held for myself as a parent – carefree days, structured routines, and predictable milestones – changed dramatically as my child’s development unfolded in unexpected ways. I Found Myself On a Path I’d Never Imagined Suddenly, the rulebook I assumed would […]
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5 December 2023

How ENVISAGE is empowering caregivers: Changing the view of parenting and caregiving for children with disability.

One year after the announcement of the $6.9m of federal government funding to provide support for caregivers raising children with disabilities, ENVISAGE – which stands for ENabling VISions And Growing Expectations – is changing lives across Australia.
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15 November 2023

Empowering Families: Lessons learned from the ENVISAGE Program

Since the ENVISAGE Families Program was launched nationally at the beginning of 2023, it's become an invaluable resource for families coping with the challenges of raising children with developmental delays or disabilities. Through a series of workshops, parents have connected and exchanged experiences, strategies and insights.
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19 September 2023

Why am I part of Envisage?

As a physiotherapist, I believe in science, and I care a lot about research. At any given moment there is so much amazing research taking place. That's why I am part of Envisage.
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29 August 2023

The F-Words of Child Development

Inspired by decades of research, in 2011 CanChild’s Dr Peter Rosenbaum and Dr. JW Gorter published a paper called “The F-Words of Childhood Disability: I swear this is how we should all think!” With no one factor more important than another, it’s now widely accepted that these 6 words should be the focus of childhood disability – functioning, family, fitness, fun, friends and future.
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15 August 2023

Envisage Families – One Parent’s Story

When one of our parents shared their story with us about their experience with Envisage Families, we immediately asked them if we could share. After all, these parent experiences are what our programs are all about. Parent’s connecting with peers and health professionals to explore their journey into parenthood, and working.
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4 August 2023

Rose’s parenting experience and what brought her to Envisage Families

Rose's son Eric was diagnosed with a brain malformation after seizures started at 4 months old. His initial diagnosis was followed by many others which turned Rose's and her family's world upside down. What also turned their world upside down was this beautiful and crazy love they had for their little man and what lengths they would go to for him.
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17 July 2023

Why Envisage could be just what you need

Parenting can be a challenging journey. Parenting a child with developmental concerns or disability can bring another layer of complexity all together. However, by working alongside parents and empowering them, Envisage Families is growing a network of parents who can build an environment where their families can thrive. In an article published by researchers Dr […]
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