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Empowering families.

Welcome to ENVISAGE, where hope and support come together to create a powerful community.

We understand the unique challenges of parenting a child with a developmental concern or disability. Our mission is to provide you with a compassionate space where you can learn, grow, and find the resources you need to thrive. Together, we can build a community of empowered parents, caregivers, and families who support one another on this incredible journey.

Through our collaborative workshops, led by early childhood professionals and experienced caregiver peers, you’ll have the opportunity to share stories, exchange insights, and discover strategies that can truly make a difference in your daily life. Our extensive online resources, information, and tools are also here to support you as you navigate the joys and complexities of raising a child with developmental concerns or disabilities. Most importantly, ENVISAGE is a place of connection.

You’ll have the chance to interact with other families who understand your journey, forming connections based on shared experiences and mutual understanding. At ENVISAGE, your wellbeing and that of your family is at the heart of everything we do. Join us at ENVISAGE and let’s create a future filled with hope, support, and limitless possibilities for our extraordinary children.

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The ENVISAGE Program The ENVISAGE Program
The ENVISAGE Program
ENVISAGE is a program to empower caregivers to feel confident and competent to navigate parenting their child or children with developmental concerns, by embracing strengths-based ideas. ENVISAGE-Families provides support, knowledge, and connections, while ENVISAGE First Peoples, Service Providers, and diverse language versions expand our reach within our community. Join our warm and accepting community to explore possibilities, celebrate strengths, and foster connections for a bright and hopeful future.
Find an ENVISAGE Families Program Find an ENVISAGE Families Program
Find an ENVISAGE Families Program
Discover the amazing ENVISAGE-Families program! Join our 5 workshops filled with engaging activities and online resources. Dive deep into topics like health, child development, parenting, self-care, and more. Connect with fellow caregivers and families, through interactive discussions led by experienced caregivers and early childhood professionals. Choose an online or in-person program that fits your schedule. Explore of workshops now and embark on this exciting journey with us!
ENVISAGE First Peoples ENVISAGE First Peoples
ENVISAGE First Peoples
Our ENVISAGE First Peoples has been co created with mob to ensure it is a culturally safe program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander caregivers, families, and communities. Connect with mob, share stories and yarn about wellbeing, family, raising strong and deadly jarjum, finding your tribe and building connections. Yarns are held in different communities with experienced Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander caregivers, culturally safe early childhood professionals and cultural mentors.

Empowering families.

“Overall, the ENVISAGE program allowed me to stop, take a break, and reflect on being a mum to a child with exceptional needs. It also allowed me the opportunity to get to know other parents who have had similar experiences, being able to feel safe amongst a group of people who “get it” was so important.”

Meet Philip and Janet

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ENVISAGE Acknowledgement of Country

ENVISAGE seeks to honour the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples spiritual and cultural connection to Country.  We acknowledge the Traditional Custodians throughout Australia and pay our respects to Elders who have cared for and nurtured the lands and waterways for millennia.

We celebrate the continuation of a living culture and acknowledge Elders past, present and emerging.  We recognise their resilience and strength in their survival and acknowledge that sovereignty was never ceded. Always was, always will be.

Meet the artist behind our indigenous artworks, Wiradjuri women Jordana Angus

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Helpful Resources

Caregiver Resources Caregiver Resources
Caregiver Resources
ENVISAGE Families has been evaluated by researchers at the Australian Catholic University, McMaster University, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, and the University of Melbourne. We found ENVISAGE-Families demonstrated a positive impact on parents’ sense of empowerment, parenting confidence and capacity, and wellbeing, along with an enhanced sense of connectedness. Find out more about the research supporting ENVISAGE Families here.
Service Provider Resources Service Provider Resources
Service Provider Resources
We are currently recruiting service providers to a research study on ENVISAGE Service Providers. We want to determine the effectiveness of ENVISAGE Service Providers to (i) increase service providers’ knowledge of, and attitudes towards, skills and self-efficacy to apply contemporary evidence-informed holistic, strengths-based, function-promoting, and family-centred approaches, and support the translation of these key ideas into clinical practice, and (ii) enhance service providers' practice by providing a vehicle and tools for how to better support families. Find out more here.