Randomised Control Trial

We are currently running a randomised controlled trial for the ENVISAGE Families program.  This trial will help us understand if the ENVISAGE program helps parents feel more empowered and confident.   

We are looking for caregivers who would like to participate in the trial.  If you choose to participate you will be randomly allocated to either receiving the program immediately (commence within 2 weeks) or 18 weeks later. You will also be asked to complete a few questionnaires before and after the program.  

To be eligible for the trial, you must be – 

  1. A caregiver of a child aged 0-8 years with neurodevelopmental disability 
  2. Intending to take part in ENVISAGE Families online version 
  3. Live in Australia 

If you would like to find out more information about the trial, please contact us at email: envisage@acu.edu.au or phone (07) 3861 6079